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Dear friends, Why have you decided to join a course? Your reasons may be different: better jobs, promotion, knowledge etc etc..... Whatever it may be, one thing common in it is,  You want SUCCESS. Remember, your dreams or  wishes alone won't bring success. Your wishes have value only when you act upon them. 
There is a fact that leaders in every field agree on: There is a shortage of expertly qualified persons to fill key positions. There are many almost - qualified people, but there is one success ingredient often missing. That is the ability to get things done, to get results.
Every big job - whether it be operating a business, high level selling, in science, or the military; the principal executives looking for a key person demand answers to questions like: "will he do the job"?,"will he follow through?", "is he a self starter?" "Can he get results?", or "is he just a talker?" All these questions  have one aim: To find out whether the fellow is a man of action.
Excellent ideas are not enough. And only a fair idea acted upon and developed, is hundred percentage better than a terrific idea that dies because it isn't followed up. the great self- made merchant, John Wanmaker, often said "Nothing Comes merely  by thinking about it."
Everything  we have in this world, from satellites to sky-scapers to baby food, is JUST AN IDEA ACTED UPON.  Take action today, Think success, don't think failure. As thinking success, conditions your mind to create plans that produce success. I hope that you have got the key element to win your dreams.

Wish you all the best.

S.Khadeer Ahmed,



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